How Invisalign® Clear Aligners Works

June 22nd, 2021

The way that braces look are a major concern for a lot of people. Because of this, clear braces are an ideal option for quite a few patients. There are different types of discreet treatment plans, but the most common one that people are familiar with is Invisalign®. But do you really know how this treatment option works?

First Things First

At your first visit, Dr. Cox will meet with you to complete a consultation to discuss your unique orthodontic needs. During that time, Dr. Cox and our team be able to evaluate whether Invisalign® is a good fit for you. Most patients will find that Invisalign is a great option for their individual needs. Adults are particularly fond of this treatment plan because it is so subtle. But teens love it too!

Smile for the Camera

After you’ve decided on Invisalign®, we need to snap some images of your teeth and mouth. We’ll use a scanner to get precise digital pictures of your teeth. And guess what- They’re 3D! After we have a good idea of the way your teeth are currently positioned in your mouth, your orthodontist will map out a custom treatment plan. This will include exactly how your teeth need to move to achieve your most beautiful smile. We’ll also be able to tell you at this time how long treatment will probably be. A huge perk to our advanced technology in our office is that you’ll even get to see a preview of your new smile! How awesome is that?

All About Aligners 

The way that Invisalign® (and other similar clear aligner treatments) work is through a series of clear trays. Those trays are called… you guessed it – aligners. We use the images of your teeth to create your personalized series of trays. These clear aligners put light pressure on your teeth to gently move them into their ideal position. You will wear each tray for an amount of time that will be determined by your orthodontist – usually a week or two. Once that time is up, you will switch to the next aligner tray in the series. Each tray is slightly different to continuously move your teeth during your treatment. Changing your tray is like getting your braces tightened but with less appointments!

Get those Teeth Moving

For best results, it’s important that you wear your trays for 20-22 hours a day. It’s best to only take your aligners out to eat, brush and floss. Your teeth will gently and gradually move into place as you work your way through your series of clear aligner trays. One of the big perks of Invisalign is less office visits. Adults love this option because of how hard it is to find a time every few weeks to visit us with their busy work schedules. But we’ll still want to check on your progress and will help you make check-up appointments every 6 weeks or so.

Get Started

Do you have more questions about Invisalign®, clear braces or other clear aligner treatments? We’ve got answers! Give us a call today to ask questions or schedule your first consultation. We think you’re going to love the way Invisalign® will gently and subtly give you the smile of your dreams!

All About Retainers

March 30th, 2021


One of the most important parts of your orthodontic journey is the phase after your braces are removed, called retention. The focus of the retention phase is to keep your teeth in their new positions. Teeth naturally want to shift over time due to a variety of factors like chewing, growth, and even breathing. This is why wearing and taking care of your retainers is so vital.

Wear & Care of Your Retainers

Always follow your orthodontist's directions for wearing your retainers. In most cases, you will wear your retainer all only at night. Most patients will receive a retainer for both their bottom and top teeth. You can remove your retainers to eat and brush your teeth. When the retainers are not in your mouth, remember to always put them in your retainer case. Retainers are notorious for being easily thrown away or eaten by a pet. As soon as you are done eating or brushing your teeth, put your retainers back in so you wear them as long as possible.

Cleaning Your Retainers

Like anything you want to last, it is important to keep your retainers clean. Bacteria can quickly grow on retainers and cause it to smell if it is not cleaned daily. We suggest rubbing mild soap or using Retainer Brite on your retainers when taking them out to brush your teeth in the morning. You can also use an old toothbrush with toothpaste to clean your retainer. Never boil your appliance or put it in the dishwasher. The heat can melt the plastic that the retainer is made out of.

Lost or Broke Your Retainer?

We understand that sometimes accidents happen. If you happen to lose or break your retainer, call us about getting a replacement one or scheduling an appointment. If your retainer breaks, keep as many of the pieces that you can and bring them to your appointment. If your retainer no longer fits, we will schedule an appointment to see if we can adjust your retainer. Retainers are key to keeping your smile "orthodontist approved" and we are here to help with any retainer needs that you might have! *Please note that there could be a cost with repairing or replacing your retainer. We will give you more details at your appointment.