Prevent White Spot Lesions

Braces White Spots

December 14th, 2016

If you have braces, then you know they are working hard to straighten your smile. Sometimes those hard-working braces are also preventing you from easily cleaning your teeth. It is essential that you put some extra attention into preventing white spots and tooth decay while wearing braces. When your braces are finally removed by Dr. Cox or Dr. Pridemore, you want a perfect, white smile, not decayed or stained teeth. So here are the best ways to ensure you have the smile you’ve always dreamed of once your braces are gone.

#1 - Use an electric toothbrush!

A regular toothbrush does not always cut it when you have braces, so use the Oral B 5000 series electric toothbrush that was provided By Dr. Cox and Dr. Pridemore when you started braces. Also, the orthodontic brush heads provided in your new patient work much better than the regular square shaped heads at getting around and under your braces and wires.

#2 - Brush after every meal!

Braces and the wires with braces tend to trap food from naturally escaping from your teeth after meals. The less time food has to sit on your teeth, the less of a chance you have of developing white spots or decay.

#3 - Floss and/or use a water pik!

Although braces make it harder to floss, it is still very important to floss during orthodontic treatment. It is very hard for the bristles of a toothbrush to remove the trapped food from between your teeth. Try using the floss threaders that were provided at your first appointment, and if you forget how to floss look up "Flossing with braces" on YouTube! Don't forget the mouth rinse!

#4 - Avoid sugary sweets!

Sticky, sugary, and sweet candy or foods can adhere more readily to your teeth and are very hard to remove when cleaning. Therefore, make your best effort to avoid them while in braces! You can do it!

#5 - Attend your regular scheduled dental cleanings!

Although we see our patients on a regular basis, we are not able to perform a thorough cleaning like your dental hygienist. These appointments at your dentist are very important for your overall dental health. Our office recommends cleanings every three to six months!

Our entire team at Pridemore and Cox Orthodontics is here to make sure your teeth are as beautifully straight as they are healthy! Feel free to ask any questions about your oral health at your next visit!