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Fee Promotion

December 21st, 2021

Our Commitment To You

Our Commitment

Are you tired of constantly having to read the fine print? Hidden costs, strange fees, and price hikes happen all of the time, especially in the dental and health industries. Read more to find out why you can trust Pridemore and Cox Orthodontics with your teeth – and your wallets.

No Hidden Fees

We pride ourselves on providing up-front pricing and affordable care to all patients. That means no hidden fees – ever. You know exactly what you’re paying for with no surprises. And if there’s ever a question, our team is always here to help.

In addition to never finding sneaky ways to charge you, our fees generally stay at the same rate. We haven’t and we’ll never raise our prices without letting you know first. There are some cases where the costs of supplies may increase our cost, but generally, your cost as the patient is going to stay the same.

All-Inclusive Treatment 

After your initial treatment plan, you’ll be provided an estimate that includes ALL of your treatments. We never add on little extra expenses here and there. From day one, you’re going to know how much your treatment is going to cost from beginning to end. If the need for new treatments arises, those will be explained in the same way with a brand-new estimate that encompasses everything needed.


Affordable for All 

We believe that quality, professional, and technologically advanced orthodontic care is a right – not a privilege only afforded to those with a lot of money. We pride ourselves on our affordable treatment, convenient payment options, straightforward financial information, and a commitment not to raise prices. And that should make you smile!


Care You Can Trust

We want our patients and their parents to be completely comfortable in our offices. That means never worrying that we’re trying to swindle or take advantage of you financially. It is our highest promise that we provide straightforward, easy-to-understand, and easy-to-afford care. It’s one of the things that sets us apart. You can count on it!
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Seeing a Dentist While In Braces

November 5th, 2021

Seeing a Dentist While In BracesEven though it may seem like you’re in the dental exam chair a lot while you’re in braces (or clear aligners), seeing the orthodontist is not the same thing as seeing your regular dentist. Keep reading to find out why.

The Difference in an Orthodontist and Dentist

Both of these dental professionals play a big part in keeping mouths healthy and improving your oral health, but in different ways. A dentist covers a broad range of dental problems, specializing in teeth, gums, nerves, and jaws. A large part of general dentistry is treating or preventing tooth decay. Orthodontists are specialists who focus on correcting the alignment of teeth. This may include correcting bites, occlusion, and/or the straightness of one’s teeth.

Why See Both

While you’re wearing braces, it’s vitally important that you keep up with your regular dental checkups. Even though Dr. Cox went to dental school before diving into his specialty, your orthodontist appointments will not include a regular cleaning or an exam of the overall health of your teeth. Keeping up with your twice-a-year dental checkups while you’re in braces will allow for you to have your teeth professionally cleaned as well as check for tooth decay or other dental problems.

Brushing and Flossing with Braces

Braces and other orthodontic treatments play a big part in your overall dental health. But there is one potential drawback if you aren’t careful – brushing and flossing can be a bit more difficult with braces on. It’s a small risk, but one that doesn’t need to be ignored. Brackets and wires can make it hard to get food particles out from in between your teeth. Leaving food or sugar on your teeth for a prolonged time can lead to tooth decay or cavities. Keeping up with your dental appointments is the very best way to make sure that any problems are spotted early. Your general dentist is also able to spot any gum problems that an orthodontist isn’t looking for at your exam.

A Team Effort

Orthodontists and dentists work hand-in-hand to keep your teeth, mouth, and gums healthy. The goal of our entire team – and of good general dentist offices – is to always make sure our patients get a well-rounded approach to oral health!