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At Ryan Cox Orthodontics, our dedicated team provide comprehensive orthodontic care tailored for all ages. Known for our family-friendly approach, we ensure that every member of your family receives personalized and effective orthodontic treatment in a comfortable and caring environment.


Meet Dr. Ryan Cox

“I am so fortunate to be an orthodontist. It really is the best job in the world. I get to work with a great team, and every day we create beautiful smiles for the nicest people – our patients.

The process that we go through together and the results we achieve make it difficult to say goodbye when treatment is complete. It is truly a joy to provide beautiful smiles and see my patients grow and succeed in so many ways.”



Directly out of residency at the age of 29, Dr. Cox became one of the youngest orthodontists to become Board Certified. Board Certification is an honor that only 25% of all orthodontists ever achieve, and there are only two offices in Rome with this level of certification.

Shortly after joining our practice, Dr. Cox published two scholarly articles in orthodontic literature from his MRI research project in Ulm, Germany. With this achievement, he began providing continuing education courses for his peers, earning him a position as an Adjunct Faculty member at the UAB Hospital Department of Orthodontics.

Over the past two years, Dr. Cox has had four patients selected to showcase their perfect smiles on the cover of the AJO-DO, which is the most prestigious Journal in Orthodontics. He has also been asked to lecture to orthodontists at the Southern Association of Orthodontists, the Schulman Group meeting, and the Impact 360 orthodontic meetings.

In 2017, he was given the honor of becoming the president of the Georgia Damon Study Club.

orthodontist in calhoun

Orthodontic Treatment for All Ages

At Ryan Cox Orthodontics, we offer specialized orthodontic care tailored to each phase of life, ensuring that patients of all ages receive the focused treatment they need.

orthodontist in calhoun

Orthodontics for Children

At Ryan Cox Orthodontics, we believe that early orthodontic intervention is essential for children. By beginning assessments and potential treatments early, we can address structural and alignment issues before they become more complex. This proactive approach not only simplifies future treatments but also promotes proper jaw growth and healthy dental development. Our team uses gentle techniques suitable for young patients, making the experience positive and fear-free. Dr. Cox employs methods such as space maintainers or early braces to correct crowded or prematurely lost teeth, guiding permanent teeth into their correct positions. This not only enhances the child’s facial aesthetics but also their ability to chew and speak clearly, laying the groundwork for a lifetime of confident smiles.

orthodontist in calhoun

Orthodontics for Teens

Teenagers often face significant social pressures, making discreet and effective orthodontic solutions like Invisalign highly appealing. At Ryan Cox Orthodontics, we understand these dynamics and offer a range of orthodontic treatments that cater to the busy lives of teens. From less visible braces to clear aligners, each option is designed to minimize impact on their daily life while effectively correcting dental issues. Our treatments not only improve oral health but also boost self-esteem as teens see noticeable improvements in their smiles. Dr. Cox emphasizes the importance of patient involvement in treatment choices, encouraging teens to engage actively in their orthodontic journey. This inclusive approach helps maintain their motivation for good oral hygiene practices and compliance with treatment protocols, ensuring successful outcomes.

orthodontist in calhoun

Orthodontics for Adults

Many adults might think they’ve missed the opportunity for orthodontic treatment, but at Ryan Cox Orthodontics, we offer advanced solutions tailored for adult lifestyles. Whether it’s addressing long-standing alignment issues, improving oral functionality, or simply achieving a more aesthetically pleasing smile, our treatments like clear braces and Invisalign are designed for discretion and efficiency. These options allow adults to undergo orthodontic treatment without feeling self-conscious and without major disruptions to their professional or personal lives. Dr. Cox understands the unique challenges faced by adult patients and provides a compassionate, understanding approach to care. By improving dental alignment, we not only enhance the beauty of their smiles but also contribute to better overall dental health, reducing the risk of future dental problems.

Ready to Transform Your Smile?

If you’re looking for a trusted orthodontist in Calhoun, come to Ryan Cox Orthodontics. We’re ready to help you and your family achieve beautiful, healthy smiles with our expert care. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation, and let us show you how orthodontic treatment can change your life for the better.